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04:47pm 10/10/2005

...i <3 llamas.
01:05pm 01/06/2005
  llamas turn me on <33

just joined :)
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07:37pm 20/03/2005
mood: touched
one time...i got spit on by this llama...when i was little...i thought it was mean at first because i was just trying to feed it...i payes 25 cents for that food i thought it would be a nice thing to do...but then it spat on me..but then i thought...u kno maybe the llama just didnt like the food...so i tried it...AND SPIT IT OUT...thats when i understood why the llama had spit on me...and having to eat that stuf ALL DAY!!! it was HORRIBLE!!! well...so i then felt i had come to an understanding with the llama...as if we were ONE...we were two lost mids searching the world for our true place...and that day we HAD FOUND THAT PLACE!!! it was like the angels had said michelle....this is how you are going to spend the rest of your life!!! i was so overwhelmed with joy i bought some cheesy french fries and fed them to the llama...the zoo lady yelled at me...but i quickly gave it one last bite and ran away....but since then.... ive never had a chance to properly thank that llama for helping me find my place in life..which is why i joined this community...just to say THANK YOU LLAMA...I WISH I KNEW YOUR NAME BECAUSE REALLY...YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

! <3 llama's!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10:20pm 19/03/2005
  im in my pajamas
and i love llamas
llamas are the s**t these days
i started the llama fad..
and so did your mom!!!!!!!!!
07:27pm 21/12/2004
  No one updates.
12:25am 21/07/2004
  Hiii. I am Bethany and I live in Louisiana. I looove llamas. =). I love meeting new people so if anyone wants an LJ friend that comments alot feel free to add me!

P.S. Llamas rock.
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11:47am 03/01/2004
  I got bored one day and made a forum hosted on invisionfree.

Just a general board to talk about whatever you want, feel free to join and bring others. :D
Fear the n00b? Oh, you shall..*smirk* 
06:41pm 30/12/2003
mood: tired
Heyhey, newbie here.
Um. I'll just introduce myself, shall i?
My name's Maaike, i'm 16 years old and i live in Holland.
I love music, mostly metal but i like some other stuff as well.
I joined the community because i looooove the name and i love communities with no subject, because people can't bitch at you for going off-topic here, which is often quite annoying, but that's probably just because i don't see the harm in it.
Up the Llamas!

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tsky tsk tsk tsk 
06:26pm 29/12/2003
mood: sleepy
Well this community didn't get very far did it? *raises eyebrow*
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10:20pm 28/12/2003
mood: dark
What are you lot doing this New Years?

I have no plans for anything so I might end up crashing some other peoples parties, anyone got one on? ^^
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Hewwo :) 
07:13pm 28/12/2003
mood: accomplished
Hello um.. hi. WoW I must join some more communities, this is fun :D
Anywho, seeing as this is what everyone else did, I'm going to put some details about myself. Then I must go and steal some more beautiful HIM icons because I'm obsessed.
Meinen Naam ist Jodie.. I'm 14 and MADLY IN LOVE WITH KIZZ MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My favouritest band is HIM, and I'm obsessed with Ville but shhh. I don't lable myself so pfft :P and stuff...... hmm that's all I can say.. well.. yeah. I have no idea what this community's about Yasmin this sucks lol. no it doesn't I was kidding... no don't cry.. I.. I didn't mean it!.. ok I'm fed up now it wont let me make my own community and now im babbling ok ok i'll go! tsk how rude
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05:46pm 28/12/2003
mood: blah
Yay. Hello there. *Waves* Hm *Blinks*

Yay..I'm glad of the third rule ^_^
"3) Don't murder someone because of their views"
People murder me because of my favourite band. Yes yasmin, louisa, and everyone else! *Poke*
Well I don't have a picture right now..But I guess I could take one some time..
So anyway..
Erm..I'm 14... I live in Bath 0.0''. I'm bi.

I like playing soul calibur II and Zelda on my gamecube. Partly 'cuz they're the only two games I got, but partly because Soul Calibur II is really cool ^_^ Ivy is my favourite... soul..I guess..0.0" Character, whatever.

Bands... Please don't murder me for my favourite band being Good Charlotte... Everyone at school does and it really gets me down sometimes... Its kinda annoying..Sorry louisa for pushing you 0.0" You DID right die benji though ;_;
Hmm anyway..I also like evanescence, linkin park, SP, the darkness...Hm i guess I kinda like more... soft rock..Heh...I won't say pop rock I won't! :D Heh... But anyway... Oh and muse and the distillers, BUT I've only heard like, one of their songs... (Drain the blood) but they cool. ^_^ Ah my eye is twitching....*Coughs*

I like my guitar..Glow the second (Thabks to yasmin). Its a red and white squire by fender thingy, and I can't actually play it... But anyway...

At school the subjects I do actually like are probably english and drama. I wanna be a psychiatrist or something like that too ^_^.

I have many nicknames. Heh this is getting too long. Anyway. By the way can you tell I'm a very boring person? :D Anywaaaay. Real name: Tania Nicknames: Tanz tanzie tanzi lilTanzie DemEntedBunNy (don't ask. 0.0 random.) jesus, upgraded disciple, yazdus, -many things i have been demoted and promoted to in yasmins tortoise cult- And probably lots more I guess...

I like reading... My favourite books are, Across the nightingale floor, A child called it the lost boy and a man named dave, Child of sin and lots more.

Films...The ring (Though it scares the shit out of me every time I watch it) POTC, ummmm... well there are others I can't think of right now

Bleeeee this is way too long I'm going to stop now before you peeps fall asleep...Heh....

Well anyway..I guess I could take some pictures some time...whenever... So. Bye to you peoples.

03:38pm 28/12/2003
  hello... has anyone seen the film "omen"? If so, is it good?
Please do a new post rather than comment on this one. Thanks :) Also can anyone recomend any other horror movies..
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06:03pm 27/12/2003
  Gorthugher da!

Where to start? Hiyas, my name is Stephen Shellard, everyone calls me Shellard. Im 17, as of Sept 17th. I am an AS student at Wellsway Sixth Form (Keynsham). I was born in Bath, and have lived in Saltford, Bath (or Bristol if you consider my PS code), UK, for as long as I can remember. I was bi, notice was, I only changed because of ridicule. I am currently in love with one person, and only one person.
Im not gothic, lifestyle or clothes wise, music, maybe. I like Three Days Grace, Finch, Feeder, HIM, CKY, Iron Maiden, All-American Rejects, Nobuo Uematsu, The Darkness, White stripes, Muse and some other crap bands. I like wearing black. Im depressed a lot, emotionally unstable. More info can be found here.

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05:28pm 27/12/2003
  YAY!!!! I exist...I almost didn't join cuz I couldn't work out how....anyway Im here now... *waves to Yasmin and other person* :P  
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04:11pm 27/12/2003

Hello, yes, I'm the manager of this community, but I had to post anyways! I'm 13, I live in england, am female. Single *wink* lol :P errmm I'm bi.. Music I like: marilyn manson, murderdolls, HIM, 3 Days Grace, Evanescence, Akasha Theory (I doubt any of you would have heard of them, it's my friends' band), Cradle Of Filth, stuff like that. I can't be bothered to put any more up.


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umm yeah bonjour welcome and all that shit :)

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01:20pm 27/12/2003
  Hi *waves*

I'm good at talking about myself, so here goes.

I'm 17 (as of yesterday), female (have been my whole life) and live in England, on the north east coast.

I like...stuff. Leopard print. Pink things. Big hair. Piercings. Doc Martens. Camwhoring.

Band wise: Manic Street Preachers, R.E.M, The Beautiful South, Placebo, Metallica, Nirvana, Silverchair, a bit of Catatonia, a bit of Garbage, Pet Shop Boys, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, The Cure, Hole, and a whole lot of random stuff, including Dead Or Alive, Meatloaf, The Distillers...and stuff. Y'know.

Filmwise: CAMP, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Elf, Get Real, Silence Of The Lambs...and stuff.

I sometimes like to prance around in feather boas and fairy wings. I sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at Christmas. I make fun of Cliff Richard and Busted. I talk a lot. I'm a vegetarian. My policy - the tackier, the better. I'm at college, doing AS-levels in English Lang and Lit., Religious Studies, Psychology and Sociology. I want to be a psychologisty-counsellor. Type-thing.

This post is far too long...have fun pictures.

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